Family Law Project (FLP)

Introducing our flagship PBSC Family Law Program (FLP)

What is FLP?

FLP students undergoing orientation

PBSC’s Family Law Project (FLP) is an award-winning initiative that provides legal assistance to low-income clients in a high priority area of law.  Utilizing law students to support and enhance the work of LAO staff, duty counsel and advice lawyers, the program provides unrepresented litigants with legal assistance at courthouses in the GTA, and provides law students with the opportunity develop critical legal skills while learning about the court process, the practice of family law and legal aid lawyering.  Under the direct supervision of LAO duty counsel and advice lawyers, students assist unrepresented clients draft court documents and provide legal information. This position provides excellent experience in legal drafting, advocacy and client interviewing, along with unparalleled exposure to family litigation and civil procedure. 

How does FLP work?

In collaboration with Osgoode Hall Law School, students are placed at 5 family courthouses - Brampton, Newmarket, North York or Toronto (393 University and 311 Jarvis) - to complete a 4-hour shift (morning or afternoon) once per week. Students work hand-in-hand with LAO lawyers, while interacting directly with clients to help draft court pleadings and other documents in preparation for trial. 

As a volunteer you will:

  • Learn and practice skills applicable both in and outside of family law e.g. interviewing clients and legal drafting
  • Gain a clear understanding of how the court system works
  • Deal with concrete issues faced in the Family Courts

Timeline for Students




Submit Applications
Training Sessions: PBSC General Training, FLP-specific training (generally one full Saturday) and a substantive family law session


Start Volunteering at the Courts


Attend Community Building Event


Break for exams and holiday break


Recommence Volunteering at the Courts


Submit Evaluations
Attend Final Appreciation Event


Break for exams and summer break

How do I get involved?

If you are an upper year student and wish to get involved in the Family Law Project, please note that applications are due on Sep. 10th, 2018 at 9:00am, in advance of the PBSC General Application deadline.  Apply using the online Advance Selection PBSC Application Form, being sure to fill in the Family Law Project section.  Preference is given to students who are currently enrolled in or have taken Family Law.

Contact The FLP Coordinators

University of Toronto Family Law Project Coordinator: 

Eli Bordman


Ontario Family Law Project Coordinator:

Ritika Rai


For general inquiries about the PBSC University of Toronto Chapter, please contact the Program Coordinators.

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