GTA Wills Project

Organization: Fogler, Rubinoff LLP

Project Type: client assistance; public legal education (PLE)

Fields of Law: wills & estates

Positions Available: 7

What is the GTA Wills Project?

The GTA Wills Project is a longstanding PBSC project, a partnership between the Osgoode Hall and University of Toronto chapters. PBSC student volunteers are paired with lawyers specializing in wills and estates law to draft wills, powers of attorney for property and personal care, and reporting letters for low-income individuals. Clients are referred to the project by community organizations.

Most student volunteers will work with 3-4 clients over the course of the year (1-2 each semester). Students gain experience in interviewing, drafting and working with marginalized clients, with the guidance of an experienced estates lawyer.   

In addition, several volunteers will present public legal education workshops on wills & estates at local community organizations. 

Students volunteering on this project will gain practical experience in drafting and in client interviewing and engagement, in addition to substantive learning reading wills and estates.

Timeline for Students




Mandatory Specialized Training 
Mandatory PBSC Training


Receive client assignments and begin work on wills

NovemberFinish work on wills
Present Public Legal Education session  (PLE)
DecemberWrap-up the semester
JanuaryReceive client assignments
Begin work on wills
MarchFinish wills 
PBSC Appreciation event


Student volunteers will prepare final wills/testaments, powers of attorney and/or reporting letters provided to clients.

A mandatory project training session will be hosted by Fogler, Rubinoff LLP (77 King St W., Toronto) in October (date TBD). The training session will include an introduction to the project (including project procedures and statistics collection), an introduction to some relevant legal principles, and guidance on working with marginalized clients.

Students will be expected to work 3-5 hours weekly.  

Client meetings can take place at the lawyer supervisor’s office or at another location (e.g., community centre) that is convenient and appropriate for the client.  Student volunteers will be able to do much of the drafting from home or school.

Who can apply?

The GTA Wills Project is open only to upper year JD students.  

The ideal applicant will be able to clearly articulate an interest in wills and estates law and sensitivity to intersecting vulnerabilities related to poverty, ill health and marginalization.  Student volunteers must be flexible to attend client meetings at times and locations convenient for lawyer supervisors and clients.

If you are interested in applying to the GTA Wills Project, please note that applications are due on Sep. 10th, 2018 at 9:00am, in advance of the PBSC General Application deadline.  Apply using the online Advance Selection PBSC Application Form.

Wills Project Contact Information

University of Toronto Wills Project Coordinator:

Cecile McKenzie

To contact the Wills Project for assistance completing a will, please call (416) 392 - 6878 ext. 4001 and leave a voicemail recording indicating your name, phone number, and the type of estate documents with which you require assistance.

For general inquiries about the University of Toronto PBSC Chapter, please contact the Program Coordinators.