Students & Lawyers

Become a Lawyer Supervisor

To learn more and get involved, contact or visit our Lawyers' FAQ.

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Lawyer Supervisors are an integral part of Pro Bono Students Canada. Every project is overseen by a qualified Lawyer Supervisor, who is responsible for mentoring student volunteers and ensuring that their work is thorough and accurate. The hours spent supervising a PBSC project can potentially be claimed as CPD credits.

There are a wide variety of projects at PBSC, which support many different communities. Our projects range from creating plain-language materials and delivering public legal education programs, to research, to doing client-intake and interviews at legal clinics.​

"It [is] an honour to serve as a supervising lawyer ... I appreciate the opportunity to help those with legal needs, alongside hardworking students who are committed to doing pro bono work and facilitating access to justice." -- Sandra Lange, McCarthy Tètrault

Become a Law Student Volunteer

To learn more and get involved, contact or visit our Students' FAQ.

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Students volunteers gain valuable practical experience while contributing to the 120,000+ hours per year of free legal support provided by PBSC. Student pro bono work helps break down barriers to justice by increasing the capacity of our partner organizations who work tirelessly to meet the needs of their communities.

Wide Range of Opportunities

The University of Toronto Chapter has partnerships with dozens of community organizations. Whether you came to law school knowing exactly what area you want to pursue, or are hoping to be exposed to something new, you are sure to find something at PBSC. Just ask our volunteers: 95% said that they would recommend PBSC to other law students.

Valuable Training

PBSC provides volunteers with a general training session, as well as a legal research workshop hosted by Thomson Reuters WestlawNext Canada. Not only does this ensure that students are comfortable accessing the resources available to them, but it complements the Legal Research and Writing course offered to 1Ls.

Personalized Guidance and Practical Experience

Our volunteers have the unique experience of working very closely with a community organization and an experienced lawyer on a weekly basis. Most of our projects involve one to four students, which means that students are able to benefit from direct supervision and mentorship. Our partners are passionate about what they do and strive to ensure that each student has an excellent experience.

Be Part of Something Bigger

Pursuant to PBSC’s values, students will learn the importance of practicing law with humility, advancing equity in society, and recognizing the dignity of all participants in diverse legal systems within Canada. Through this experience, it is our hope that students will feel part of a larger pro bono movement working to reduce barriers accessing justice, and that through advocacy, allyship and humility, students can remain close to this work as practicing lawyers.

"I am a better advocate because of my experiences with PBSC and I am excited to continue my pro bono journey into my legal career." -- Narmada Gunawardana, PBSC Windsor Volunteer